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Signs and Symptoms of Adult Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

ADHD which is the short form for adult attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder is a mental health condition where one can lose the ability to be attentive. This ADHD can cause problems such as unstable relationships, having low self-esteem, poor work or school performance, being hyperactive and many other problems. ADHD may develop slowly as many do not realize that the disorder may have developed when one is a child and they may as well fail to know. In childhood stage, ADHD is characterized by lack of paying attention, hyperactivity, restlessness and high impulse rates which is the case as seen in adults but the only difference is that there is no hyper activeness in adults. To focus on the adult symptoms, the following are the signs and symptoms of ADHD when diagnosed during adulthood stage.

The first sign of ADHD inability for a person to multitask. Every day there are many activities that we are supposed to be tackling but doing them one by one is time-consuming and also labor-intensive therefore there is need to multitask but if one cannot do these tasks or at least two activities at once it can be a sign that that person is suffering from an ADHD. A person suffering from ADHD can also be struggling to do the tasks he or she is doing at a very slow rate. ADHD patients could be mistaken for people who don’t like working by people who don t know their situation and they may end up being harshly or wrongly treated. In case such a symptom and sign is witnessed one should help the person suffering from it to see a doctor or therapist.

Secondly, it can be noticed that one could be suffering from ADHD disorder if they cannot plan time well. Every activity has a specific time that is dedicated to them and that time is very precious and should not be wasted. In case of one having a problem of time plan management skills they need to see a therapist who might discover if the person is having this kind of disorder.

ADHD patients get angry very fast even by simple things and this could a symptom that will need them to go for medical attention. By having a bad temper may cause them to cause harm to others even to those who have not wronged them. Disputes may arise especially to couples who may be hot tempered as a result of lack of attention which is a characteristic of ADHD. To conclude the above signs and symptoms affect people who are children and even adults and are the signs and symptoms of ADHD.

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